Resistance Mapping Project Team

Resistance Mapping is led by a highly collaborative team of faculty, staff, students, and community partners across the Rochester, NY, region. From the start, we have been working toward a decentralized leadership model, with the goal that everyone involved has ownership over pieces of the project. Decisions about project content and design have been made collectively, and student team members from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester have been central to project development.

We are, in part, a collaboration among institutions.

Our Local History works to support and empower students, teachers, and communities with the tools to engage with and own their local history of civil rights through inquiry, equity, and civic action.

The Humanities, Computing, and Design Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology pairs the ​​liberal arts with digital technologies to immerse students in dynamic interdisciplinary fields. The program combines theory and practice and encourages students to seek opportunities where critical thinking guides the use and development of digital media. 

Digital Scholarship at River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester supports faculty and student research through the use of digital tools and methods in order to create new knowledge and experiential learning opportunities. They specialize in the creation of digital tools and resources; provide support for web-based scholarly initiatives; and partner with faculty, students, and the community on digital research projects.

We are also a collaboration of community members, many of whose work on place-based racism and resistance extends beyond the bounds of this digital project.

Team Members

Whitney Sperrazza, Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities, Rochester Institute of Technology

Blair Tinker, GIS specialist for the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Rochester

Rebekah Walker, Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian, Rochester Institute of Technology

Student Team Members

  • Jan Adil, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Zee Chauhan, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Eleni Duret, University of Rochester
  • Leah Green, Rochester institute of Technology
  • Alana Kornaker, Middlebury College
  • Ching-Lam, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Amanda Liang, University of Rochester
  • Praksha Maheshwari, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Michael Nolan, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Alonni Reid, University of Rochester

Project Advisory Board