A portal into  place-based racism  and  resistance  in Rochester, NY and surrounding neighborhoods


“Home: Access Denied” is a short film about the history and legacy of residential segregation in Greater Rochester and the ways ordinary people are participating in civic action to create a more welcoming, just, and inclusive community. The film explores the stories of two families and their lived experiences shaped by the neighborhoods they call home.


On this page, you'll find all instructional materials developed and curated by the Antiracist Curriculum Project team. Our aim is empowering students, educators, and communities with instructional resources about their local history of racism and civil rights.Ultimately, we work to cultivate more informed and engaged community members to build a more just and equitable society.


Rochester community members have a long history of resisting injustices and inequities. Individual activists, mutual aid groups, and large community organizations have fought national and local policies that overwhelmingly affect people of color. On this map, we are working to document sites of resistance, many of which are included in the antiracist curriculum materials available on our site. These stories are part of Monroe County’s past and present - and these stories will continue to be part of its future.