11th Grade

Day 1: Language and Data
Students will explore current issues faced by LGBTQ youth through data at the national level from the Trevor Project, data at the state level from GLSEN, and finally data at the local level from the Monroe County Office of Mental Health. Each student will choose at least one national, state, and local data point. The session closes with an academic circle and an optimistic closure.

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Day 2: Source Investigation (Stonewall Uprising)
Students will participate in examining a mystery source image that reveals one small part of the larger story of the Stonewall Uprisings of 1969. Then students will do a jigsaw activity choosing from two primary and two secondary sources on the Stonewall Uprisings. The lesson closes with an academic circle where students will use their jigsaw text to help answer the questions “According to your source what happened at Stonewall in 1969? Why do you think this is considered such an important historical moment? How are these sources related? Compare and contrast their different perspectives.” The lesson closes with an SEL check-in and optimistic closure that connects the history of Stonewall to the activism in Rochester they will explore in the following lesson.

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Day 3: Gallery Walk
Students will participate in a gallery walk activity to explore the experiences of joy, discrimination, and resistance for LGBTQ people in Monroe County, NY, and the USA. The session will close with an academic circle unpacking the sources and focusing on how people have participated in civic action to bring change in Gay Rights.

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